modular AMNUVW

The Sketchbook Font Project – Day Three

Here’s a concept i’ve been kicking around for years: to design a few basic shapes that can be rotated and flipped around to create all of the letters and numbers. ⁠ The results are kinda primitive & kinda sci-fi, and I end up coming back to it whenever I’m sketching designs for a sci-fi logo. […]

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The Sketchbook Font Project – Day Two

This one has kind of a goth metal vibe to it. I traced a few of the letters in Illustrator, then brought them into Glyphs, and used those pieces to construct other letters. As it started coming together, I noticed the L connecting to the other letters in some interesting ways. Continued it with the […]

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Road signs and font testing

Signs point to Beachwood

Five years ago I had the mind-bending experience of visiting the Mendenhall Museum in Buellton, an incredible collection of road signs and other car memorabilia. It sits only about 45 minutes north of me, but it felt like a time machine that took me back 70 years: I was especially fascinated by these road signs, […]

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Catching the Silver Streak

As my latest font, Silver Streak, nears release, I wanted to catch you up on my progress, and share some of the process that went into making it. This one started with a single bit of inspiration — this nifty lettering on the side of the “Silver Platter” diner & gift shop at Disneyland’s California […]

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