block font process 4

The Sketchbook font project – Day Five

Another modular concept! My idea was to create letters that could be rotated 90° to create other letters, for example C > U > N > D and B > M > E > W. Meantime, in making my Japanese/Chinese comic lettering font for Comicraft, I learned that Kanji are constructed by combining several words […]

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square script process 1

The Sketchbook Font Project – Day Four

Connected script fonts are always tough, so I saved this one for later in the week! It started with this pair of sketches I drew years apart, with a similar thick/thin connected look. The alphabet was pretty well developed in the sketch, so I traced ’em all in Illustrator: 2. getting them scaled and aligned […]

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modular AMNUVW

The Sketchbook Font Project – Day Three

Here’s a concept i’ve been kicking around for years: to design a few basic shapes that can be rotated and flipped around to create all of the letters and numbers. ⁠ The results are kinda primitive & kinda sci-fi, and I end up coming back to it whenever I’m sketching designs for a sci-fi logo. […]

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The Sketchbook Font Project – Day Two

This one has kind of a goth metal vibe to it. I traced a few of the letters in Illustrator, then brought them into Glyphs, and used those pieces to construct other letters. As it started coming together, I noticed the L connecting to the other letters in some interesting ways. Continued it with the […]

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