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Beardstown is a solid, hardworking, no-nonsense font in three weights with ligatures & automatic alternates.


  • baseball card

    One of 60 original players in the AAGBPL in 1943, this Beardstown native played seven seasons for the Kenosha Comets, and became known for a wicked knuckleball.


  • record album

    Norvo had a string of #1 hits in the 1930s, and performed with the likes of Benny Goodman, Dinah Shore, Frank Sinatra, Charlie Parker & Dizzy Gillespie.

alternate letters

Beardstown may be a little gritty & rough around the edges, but it can also be open, warm and welcoming.

  • beer cans A

    Casper Ruff came to the U.S. in 1837 and was the first in the states to brew beer using the german lager method.

    His grandson William patented the process of pasteurizing beer, which was soon used worldwide.

  • beer cans B

    After surviving prohibition by producing near beer and ice cream, the Ruff co. was run out of business in the 1940s by large conglomerates.

    Here i imagine what their cans might look like today.

Use it for sports graphics, record albums, beer cans, carnival posters & t-shirts.


carnival poster


Tigers t-shirt
chromatic effects

But that’s it.

I mean, you can try it on foofy hipster stuff like organic produce, vegan meat substitutes, electric car accessories or mountain bike parts, but you risk Beardstown coming over there to kick your butt.

Walter Flanagan

Beardstown native Walter Flanagan
joined the Independents as a player in 1913,
and purchased the team two years later.

In 1920, he met with nine other team owners
in Canton, Ohio to form what would become
known as the National Football League.

character set

Support for 223 languages, including
Western & Central Europe, Vietnamese & Cyrillic

character set 1
character set 2


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