I took some time off this week from making letters onscreen to make some on walls!

⁠At the end of last school year, my son’s high school principal asked if I could help liven up the campus over the summer with some signs to help new (and even current) students to find their way around the campus’ maze of visually identical cinder block buildings.

I came up with a system of big block letters that would be both easy to paint and to see from a distance. We added solid color drop shadows so that when the walls are repainted, they won’t have to paint inbetween the letters.

To prepare, I measured the available spaces, and designed the letters and signs to fit on a grid with one inch = one foot.

We redrew the large letters on the wall with a measuring tape and chalk lines.

Kids rolled out the big areas…

… and brushed in the details.

For the more detailed signage we painted yellow first, then covered the yellow areas with painter’s tape.

We then painted blue on top, and pulled the tape off to reveal the yellow.

Lastly, we painted the adjacent wooden photo boxes to match!

Working in the physical world was a fun change of pace, but challenging — those bumpy stucco walls are difficult to paint sharp edges on! And of course there’s no undo…

But the results did turn out pretty cool, I think.